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A Century of Sisterhood


Since our founding in 1916, Alpha Chi Omega has been at the heart of Greek life at the University of Oklahoma. With more than 3,000 initiates, Psi Chapter has nurtured and developed young women during some of the most formative years of their lives, cultivating lasting friendships in the process. As alumnae, we can trace many of our best college memories back to our Alpha Chi Omega experience.

While there may be some differences in today’s chapter compared to the one you knew, there is an unbroken chain of excellence among Psi members at the University of Oklahoma. Psi continues to thrive as one of the most outstanding chapters at OU. Our beloved chapter has been recognize by the university for excellence in volunteerism, academics, and programming while our members are notable, active leaders on campus.

More than ever, sororities play a significant role in the development of young women and this growth is crucial in today’s competitive world. In addition to the standards taught by our sisterhood, we acquired valuable assets, which include leadership skills, organizational skills, social skills, teamwork, and character. Oftentimes, these traits have been integral to our personal success and helped make us the women we are today.

Our home at 1115 College Avenue is the focus of undergraduate life for Psi. It has been a home away from home for hundreds of young women and a classroom where our sisters have learned the importance of sisterhood, tradition, and achieving academic excellence. However, if we wish for Psi to continue its strong presence on the OU campus, we must ensure that we are providing a safe modern, and competitive facility. With more than 300 collegians in the chapter, a new house is critical to our success.


Simply put, now is the time to ensure the tradition of Psi continues.

Our Urgent Need


Our home at 1115 College Avenue has been a part of Psi’s legacy for almost 70 years and is showing its age. Because it has been decades since the last major renovation, it has become clear that we must make a major investment in our Alpha Chi home is we are to remain competitive and meet the needs of our ever growing chapter. While the Alpha Chi Omega experience is certainly about more than the physical structure of the house, our home undoubtedly plays a significant role in the development of our sisters and stands as a proud symbol of our shared values and goals.


The University of Oklahoma is a growing, thriving campus and, because of this, Greek life continues to expand. Greek students today expect their chapter home to be the center of their Greek experience. However, Psi’s membership is larger than ever and our students do not have the adequate space to function as an organization or grow as a sisterhood. The size of our facility impacts meals, weekly chapter meetings, and recruitment. Psi is bursting at the seams. Our plan ensures that Psi members have a comfortable, spacious facility where they can gather with sisters to study, eat, and spend time together.


While Psi continues to attract top women, several fraternities and sororities on campus are making major changes to their homes. Additionally, OU has expanded and improved residential living opportunities on campus. Competition is strong and we cannot allow Alpha Chi Omega to be left behind other chapters on campus.


The safety of our 300-plus collegiate members is of utmost importance to Psi’s volunteer leadership; we must offer a structurally sound and safe home for our collegians. Much like our personal homes, our Alpha Chi home must be a safe haven that instills confidence in our members and their parents.

In summary, we can no longer meet the needs of our growing membership; our house is not adequate for the future viability of Psi. In order for Alpha Chi Omega to remain a premier sorority at the University of Oklahoma, we must rebuild our facility to attract the quality of women on which we pride ourselves.

Investing in Our Future

We are excited to have our alumnae generously give to this beautiful project. You are the only one who can place a value on your Alpha Chi Omega membership – on the lifelong friendships you made, on the values and principles that were instilled in you, and on the many ways Alpha Chi Omega enhanced your college years.


Because of the magnitude of our objectives, we are urging all alumnae to consider major gifts to the campaign. In order for each alumna to maximize her participation, gifts can be structured over a three-year pledge period. However early gifts to the campaign are preferable to help expedite the start of construction. Gifts in honor or in memory of other Alpha Chi Omegas, as well as family gifts, are welcome. Recognition in such cases will be given to both the donor and the honoree.


Each of us, simply by our presence, has contributed to the history of Psi. How appropriate then that each of our names be entered into its halls. Each donor who contributes $2,500 or more will be recognized on a prominently displayed plaque. All donors contributing $1,000 or more to the campaign will be recognized in campaign publications, unless otherwise requested.


Gifts of $1,000 or more to the campaign are 100% tax deductible through the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation. The Internal Revenue Service will allow exclusively educational space in the chapter house to be funded with tax-deductible dollars that are gifted to the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation and designed for the Psi Chapter.

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